Repetition exists throughout the universe. We see repetition in the phases of the moon and the amount of time that elapses during a minute or day. The characteristics of repetitions are they: Come in Consistent CyclesHave Limited Changes [while nature cannot be as perfectly repetitive as a theoretical example, there are instances that are as … Continue reading Repetition

Measuring People

Qualifying a person requires a measurement that is universal among all people. My blog post is working to argue that the only true quality that can be used to qualify a person is through a character trait. Character traits are consistent throughout all people; a thoughtful gift is a thoughtful gift no matter the time … Continue reading Measuring People

Character Traits of the Moral Hero

A moral hero is not merely a symbol, he is a person. A person who lives and breathes is a person who falls short of perfection. Despite every person's limitations, in order to perform as a hero, they must be: Influential- Heroes, whether in his time campaigning or after his death, must inspire support in … Continue reading Character Traits of the Moral Hero

Choices of the Moral Hero in Doubt

A respectful and sacrificial person that has to go against some sort of odds is never one hundred percent confident. His pushback against opponents will place pressure on the hero to inquire about who he is and what he values most. The choices a hero must make are: Performing Immoral Expedient Actions - Acting immorally … Continue reading Choices of the Moral Hero in Doubt

The Ways Moral Heroes Rebel

There are different ways heroes rebel: Nonviolence/ Civil DisobedienceFighting Communication I. Rebelling Through Nonviolence As I delved deeper into the philosophy of Gandhi my skepticism concerning the power of love gradually diminished, and I came to see for the first time that the Christian doctrine of love operating through the Gandhian method of nonviolence was one of … Continue reading The Ways Moral Heroes Rebel

Treatment of the Moral Hero’s Oppressor:

The attitude and behavior of the hero toward his oppressor make all of the difference. A moral hero, at the end of the day, is trying to persuade his opponent that the hero is right and the oppressor is wrong. And those who have been wronged, or believe themselves to be wronged, are terrible; for … Continue reading Treatment of the Moral Hero’s Oppressor:

Characteristic Actions of a Moral Hero

We assume someone is a moral hero for acting in a manner that: Is Irregular to the flow of lifePuts Himself in Harms WaySacrifices a part of his lifeFights for Human Rights I. Acting in a Manner That is Irregular to the Flow of Life The flow of life is getting out of bed, going … Continue reading Characteristic Actions of a Moral Hero